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Cartoon of Hacker - The Badger Butcher (YM 1.6)

Cartoon of Jim Hacker becoming PM (Party Games)

Cartoon of Jim's goodwill mission to St. Georges island (YPM 1.6)

Cartoon of Employment's Secretary's plan to move servicemen north (YPM 2.1)

Cartoon of Hacker running out of ideas (YPM 2.4)

YPM 1.1: The Grand Design YPM 1.2: The Ministerial Broadcast YPM 1.3: The Smoke Screen YPM 1.4: The Key YPM 1.5: A Real Partnership YPM 1.6: A Victory for Democracy YPM 1.7: The Bishops GambitYPM 1.8: One of Us

YPM 2.1: Man Overboard   YPM 2.2: Official Secrets

YPM 2.3: A Diplomatic Incident  YPM 2.4: A Conflict of Interest

YPM 2.5: Power to the People

Cartoon of Jim Hacker Cartoon of Sir Humphrey Appelby Cartoon of Bernard Woolley

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