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Official BBC Yes Minister web page
Alas, the BBC doesn't seem to value Yes (Prime) Minister as we do. Its one page on Yes Minister is gone out the window again.

Bennett's TV Heaven
A site that has an excellent analysis of the series and how they compare. Besides YM and YPM there are some other TV-shows that might be of interest. Maintained by a Canadian!

TV Comedy Website
The most extensive site on British comedies seen so far. And of course, including Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister. At the moment there is an episode list and cast information, but the webmaster promises there is still more to come.

British comedy
Site devoted to British comedy and Yes (Prime) Minister could not be missed.

Britcomedy Digest
The Britcomedy Digest devoted one issue in 1995 on political satire, and thus could not ignore Yes Minister. A couple of interesting articles for Yes Minister fans. The contest where you can win a Yes Minister videotape is however long past its closing date.

Internet Movie Database
The Internet Movie Database is helpful if you want to check out the cast of Yes Minister or Yes Prime Minister (including guest appearances), and want to know in what movies or TV-series the actors have appeared as well.

Jonathan Lynn website
Excellent website on the co-writer of Yes (Prime) Minister. Learn more about other projects he has been involved in.

Interview with Derek Fowlds (Bernard Woolley)

Yes Minister MP3's

A Hindi version of Yes Minister. It's around!

Another interview with Jonathan Lynn on Retrosellers.com

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