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Yes Minister series 1

YM 1.1: Jim wins the electionYM 1.1: Frank WeiselYM 1.1: Vic Gould tells Jim offYM 1.2: Jim learns about government rulesYM 1.2: Jumbo has news about a coup d'état in BurandaYM 1.2: Welcome to the standing committeeYM 1.3: Frank reads aloud a damaging newspaper articleYM 1.3: Jim is depressed about the economy driveYM 1.4: Jim is cut off on a TV interviewYM 1.4: Tom Sargent explains Humphrey's tricksYM 1.4: Humphrey is shocked about Jim's TV announcementYM 1.5: Don't submit the report in this damn silly wayYM 1.5: The news about the DAA's closure becomes publicYM 1.6: The environmentalist group fears the extinction of the badgerYM 1.6: Humphrey explains that rats are wildlife tooYM 1.7: Jim suspects Humphrey wanting to take credit for the Solihull projectYM 1.7: Desmond is looking for a QUANGOYM 1.7: An unfavourable radio interview

Yes Minister series 2

YM 2.1: A public inquiry into the DAAYM 2.1: The new hospital won't open for another 18 monthsYM 2.1: The hospital tourYM 2.2: Linking honours to economies, that's your idea...please!YM 2.2: A nervous Humphrey visits the Cabinet SecretaryYM 2.2: The high table dinnerYM 2.3: Private Eye has revealed the government's chief buggerYM 2.3: You are on a death listYM 2.3: This petition can't be swept under the carpetYM 2.4: Humphrey laughingYM 2.4: Joan LittlerYM 2.4: Jim, the hero of the peopleYM 2.5: Yes Minister, quite so...YM 2.5: Humphrey and Arnold amazed look at BernardYM 2.5: Jim proving he has elbowsYM 2.6: Take a courageous stand on high rise buildingsYM 2.6: Jim the children's friendYM 2.6: Did Jim make any concrete promises?YM 2.6: I know how we can let the Minister eat his puddingYM 2.7: Jim conferring with his OfficialsYM 2.7: How to deceive a Select CommitteeYM 2.7: A Minister has a higher loyalty

Yes Minister series 3

YM 3.1: Jim exhausted after an interview for a school magazineYM 3.1: Did you have anyone particular in mind?YM 3.1: A real cross-section of the nationYM 3.2: Ludovic Kennedy listening to JimYM 3.2: Alas, I'm an expertYM 3.2: Humphrey and Arnold in conversationYM 3.2: The BBC doesn't give in to government pressure!YM 3.3: Recapitulating on the previous meetingYM 3.3: Minister, what a suprise!YM 3.3: You wanted to see me, Minister?YM 3.4: Humphrey showing who's side he is onYM 3.4: The Communications RoomYM 3.4: The moral dimensionYM 3.4: LoyaltyYM 3.5: Would you like to be Transport Supremo?YM 3.5: That's gonna be difficultYM 3.5: Don't do things I wouldn't doYM 3.6: Are you telling me this on a personal level?YM 3.6: The Chief Whip setting Jim straightYM 3.6: Jim, the whiskey priestYM 3.7: The government wastes millions every dayYM 3.7: Barbarism!YM 3.7: What shall I tell them?

Yes Minister Christmas Special

YM 4: We are looking for the man that can find the right questionsYM 4: So, you're gonna do to the PM what you've done to me?YM 4: I can hint at my support in an impartial wayYM 4: Hacker? As PM?YM 4: Jim Hacker as PM?YM 4: Thanks for solving the sausage problemYM 4: The new Prime Minister!



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