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Yes Prime Minister Series 1

YPM 1.1: The visit to the war roomYPM 1.1: Jim consults the Chief Scientific AdviserYPM 1.1: The Grand Design speechYPM 1.1: Humphrey amazed at Jim's Grand DesignYPM 1.2: Jetlag overwhelms JimYPM 1.2: The test recording sessionYPM 1.2: Jim looking like he had a liquid lunchYPM 1.2: The Cabinet Meeting outcomeYPM 1.3: Humphrey and Frank discussing the tax cutYPM 1.3: The meeting with HumphreyYPM 1.3: Cut smoking by mass hypnosis?YPM 1.3: Think about the marginal constituenciesYPM 1.3: Marvellous!? All this support for an anti-smoking planYPM 1.4: Dorothy lays out the floor planYPM 1.4: Jim has a change of heart ... againYPM 1.4: Humphrey butting into a meeting with FrankYPM 1.4: Open the bloody door!!!YPM 1.4: Oh look... it's HumphreyYPM 1.5: Jim discussing the financial crisisYPM 1.5: Humphrey happy with the proposed pay riseYPM 1.5: Arnold cutting down the pay riseYPM 1.5: Dorothy and Jim questioning Sir FrankYPM 1.6: Uuuuhhhhhmmm....YPM 1.6: They are not doing a coupe on their ownYPM 1.6: Where is St. George's island?YPM 1.6: Jim imitating LukeYPM 1.6: You'll be sent to a very important embassy... Tel AvivYPM 1.7: There is nothing you can doYPM 1.7: The Dean won't be missedYPM 1.7: He is suspected of disestablishmentarianismYPM 1.7: Why not reject both candidates on religious grounds?YPM 1.7: Bernard shocked at his own wordsYPM 1.8: I can't believe one of us is one of themYPM 1.8: Why didn't you hold a proper inquiryYPM 1.8: The Cabinet could make you Head of the War Graves CommissionYPM 1.8: You have been cleared of spying

Yes Prime Minister Series 2

YPM 2.1: Move away 300 miles from Harrods!?YPM 2.1: Cabinet meeting over the planYPM 2.1: I always have my suspicionsYPM 2.1: Begging for a leakYPM 2.1: Then I will accept your resignationYPM 2.2: Talking about security implicationsThe team to find the leakVultures flock, MinisterBernard harrassed by the pressWhy don't you expel 76 Soviet diplomats?YPM 2.3: Prime Minister, your predecessor is deathYPM 2.3: Jim's private secretaries handling the puppy affairYPM 2.3: The French Ambassador discussing the puppyYPM 2.3: Jim signalling HumphreyYPM 2.4: Jim deciding he has to be firm and appoint Alexander JamesonYPM 2.4: Don't look at me about the state of the economyYPM 2.4: That's YP...Your ProblemYPM 2.4: Well, I certainly think you should appoint a new GovernorYPM 2.5: No Prime Minister, not me...YPM 2.5: Centralizing government, that is exactly what Humphrey would suggestYPM 2.5: I want you to sign thisYPM 2.5: You could still be in power next century


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